Meet Lenco — Banking & Expense Management for SMBs in Africa

Resolving account issues with a Nigerian Bank. It’s still unresolved till today.
Opening a bank account in Kenya
Lenco Dashboard
Lenco dashboard
  1. Financial Services: Businesses should always have unrestricted access to their money. Ideally, the money should be deliverable to anywhere in the world they want it, and they should have access to not just their present revenue but future revenues based on their cashflow. Lenco would issue you a bank-backed business current account (not virtual account) from one of our bank partners, applying for an account takes <10mins and approved within 24hrs. With your Lenco account, you will get these financial services on a simple user interface, with great user experience and customer support when needed. Also, you would earn between 0.25–1% on your average balance, we‘ll maximize your earnings with a feature we plan to lunch in the coming months.



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Lenco Technologies, Inc

Lenco Technologies, Inc

We provide full-fledged current accounts for banking services and expense management for business growth. @LencoSupport is here to answer your questions.